Symposium: all day, Friday, June 15th to Sunday, June 17th, 2018, inclusive

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The symposium will consist of a mixture of keynotes, round table discussions, and panel papers by high-profile activists who were ‘ringleaders’ of the mass protest movements of 1968, artists and filmmakers who broke new ground in the accompanying counterculture, and established and emerging researchers from a wide variety of disciplines and international backgrounds.

Confirmed speakers include:

Tariq Ali
Kathleen Cleaver
Phil Cohen
Jochen Gerz
Francisco Foot Hardman
Sylvia Harvey
Patricia Holland
Gerd-Rainer Horn
David James
Bernadette Mcaliskey
Juliet Mitchell
Antonio Negri
Anne Querrien
Mark Rudd
Helke Sander
Allan Siegel

Presentations and discussion will address:

  • the causes of progressive mass protest circa 1968, including, for example, the Vietnam War, racial injustice, decolonization, sexual liberation, and critiques of capitalism
  • the history and geography of political protest in specific environments circa 1968, whether city, town, or countryside
  • the documentation of lesser-known movements or protests circa 1968, or of new evidence pertaining to well-known examples
  • the examination of state and corporate responses to mass protest circa 1968
  • artistic, musical, and literary responses to 1968, during the era and since
  • media and pop culture portrayals of 1968 and mass protest
  • the interaction of political protest, counterculture, and the avant garde circa 1968
  • the effects of 1968 on various professional and academic fields
  • how 1968 has shaped, and was shaped by, identity politics, from civil rights and feminism to LGBTQ equality
  • political radicalization during and after 1968
  • the relationship between 1968 and neoliberalism, neoconservatism, the alt right and far right
  • the influence of 1968 on the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, or other recent leftist movements

This is by no means an exhaustive list of topics that will be addressed, but an indication of the wide-ranging discussion and debate we hope the symposium will generate.

The symposium will be open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics, other researchers and the general public. Registration in advance will be required.

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Please email any specific questions about the symposium to:

Organizing committee: Mark Shiel (convener), Patrick Ffrench, Paolo Gerbaudo, Sharon Gewirtz, Alex Loftus, David Treece

With thanks to the King’s Together Fund; and to the following departments at King’s College London: French; Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies; Geography; Digital Humanities; Film Studies; and the School of Education, Communication, and Society

We are pleased to collaborate with Third World Newsreel (New York) on the screening of Newsreel films; and with the German Screen Studies Network (London) on the screening of films by Helke Sander